What are the Proposals?

At JHS level it means the merging of Tandragee, Killicomaine and Clounagh Junior High Schools into a single school spread across 3 sites.

At 14+ level it means the merging of Portadown College and the Portadown Campus of Craigavon Senior High School into a single, comprehensive style school which the SELB are calling ‘Bi-lateral’.

Lurgan College and the Lurgan Campus of Craigavon Senior High School will also be merged into a single, comprehensive style school.

How will the JHS changes affect us?

One team for all sports, where will they train/play? Teams chosen from a year group of more than double the current year groups meaning fewer opportunities.

Each activity on only one site? 1 choir, 1 orchestra, 1 school play – travel between sites seems inevitable.

Location of headmaster/pastoral care/department heads?

Is this sustainable or just a first step to school closures?

Will this destroy the Dickson Plan?

Yes, we believe it will lead to a comprehensive system.

Is this the end of grammar schools in Portadown and Lurgan?

Yes, we believe this will lead to a ‘one school fits all’ education in place of our current ‘tailored’ system for all children.

Where will the schools be located?

Nobody knows

Will this release funding for building new schools?

No further funding is guaranteed

Is this the plan of the Department of/Minister for Education?

It is a fact that the Minister of Education, John O’Dowd, and the SELB have been in contact regarding these proposals.

Is it just about the money?

No. There are many factors including political agendas.

Are there any alternatives?

Yes, but they will not be explored any further until this option is rejected.

Has the SELB already made up its mind?

The SELB are determined to proceed with this proposal. The voice of parents is the ONLY way to stop this now.